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Our Latest Video

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The cure for the zombie infection | Arma 3 Blooper

Hello there everyone! In this video, we have a super funny highlight during one of our training operations where one of our new soldiers managed to get sick from a zombie attack, and his commanding officer at the time had an interesting way to cure his sickness. Enjoy...

ShellShock Live – Killed by a Banana | Episode 6

In this episode of Shellshock Live, Silentwisher gets killed by an epic banana shot. This episode featured 6 of our community members duking it out till there was only one man standing. Who will be the victor? Watch the whole video to find out. Check out the video by...

YouTube Censoring Videos Again!

So a lot of people are freaking out about an issue with the YouTube algorithm. This algorithm is restricting LGBT content from a bunch of users. This issue comes from a so-called restricted mode. According to YouTube, this restricted mode is designed for specific...