April Fools Update!

Pokémon go decided to have their own April fools update. They made all the Pokémon that are in the game back to their original eight bit format from back in the day. Unfortunately you cannot turn this off in the settings anywhere. From what I’ve read online we are just going to have to wait for about 48 hours for it to automatically turn off. They have not officially said this is an April fools prank and they have not officially said that it will be turned off. I really hope it does get turned off because I personally do not like the eight bit look to the game.

I have seen plenty of tweets and blog post saying they appreciate the update and it brings back a lot of nostalgia. Like I said I personally do not like change because I play the game for the more modern look and gameplay. I wouldn’t mind them change in the gameplay back to what it was back in the day we had to fight to capture your Pokémon. Anyways, what you guys think about this update? Do you guys hate it as much as I do?