Steelseries Bully Hunters Was A Major Failure!

Recently Steelseries decided to come up with the program called Bully Hunters. This program was meant to Target bullying and online harassment in the video game Universe/world. The idea itself is a good one. However, the execution was absolute garbage. It didn’t take long for people to figure out that Steelseries Bully Hunters program was a big fake. The whole program was staged and poorly edited at that. The program was only being advertised for a short period and was quickly taken down by Steelseries.

The Bully Hunter program was advertised as this thing that female gamers could request a Bully Hunter to come into their game and take down the bully. There are many issues with this idea, however. What if the game that this was happening was full? Obviously, it wouldn’t work then. What if there were multiple bullies? Also in most cases, these so-called bullies can be really good players. Not that I’m sticking up for them by any means, but these Bully Hunters were usually not good players, to begin with. They were made to seem like they were the biggest baddest players that are out there to help female gamers but that’s not the case.

The funniest thing about this whole situation to me is the fact that SteelSeries thought they could get away with this poorly produced program and video trying to promote some product. Did they honestly believe that the internet would not notice that the program was fake and staged? I personally have never purchased any products from SteelSeries and I probably never will knowing that this amount of stupidity is in the company. The fact that they pulled the trigger on this and allowed us to go through is just appalling to me. It’s also quite hilarious.

This is not how you solve online bullying and frankly you probably never will. The internet is the wild west, and it will always be that way. If you have thin skin, you should not be on the internet plain and simple.

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