About Us

AOU has been around for quite some time in fact we’ve been around its 2006. In 2006 we were originally known as Covert Building Operations or CBO for short. We originally started our community while playing Gary’s Mod. After about a year of playing Gary’s Mod we discovered other games such as World in Conflict. Once we realized we did not want to stay just a Gary’s Mod community we decided to rename ourselves as AOU. AOU is short for Advanced Operating Unit. Our thought process behind the renaming of our community was that we wanted to be not just a multi-game community but one that excelled at each game that we played. Shortly after starting the community we also started upload YouTube videos. You could say the YouTube videos made our community take off more than it probably would have to begin with. You can see those videos by going to the video locations page here or by clicking here.

Originally we had a strict requirement of having our community members wearing their tags at all times and other honestly useless rules. Now we are strictly just a community. What I mean by that? Well we no longer have the requirement of having to wear the tag at all times or at all. However whenever we partake in events we must wear the tags. For the most part the only other rules that we have nowadays is summed up in one word Respect. Most of the users in our community have some sort of development skills in their arsenal of knowledge. For example we have level designers, website designers, sound designers, scriptwriters, camera operators, and many more. Are you looking for a community that super down to earth, super relaxed and respectful, and creative? Well this community is for you. You can see all of our benefits are benefits page and you can check out our videos see more of how we operate.

Remember Never Give Up Never Surrender