Our community uses an unusual ranking system when it comes to Arma 3 operations.


Also known as Zeus, the commander advises the squad leaders how to achieve victory in the operation. The commander also provides CAS and other support.


The squad leaders job is to coordinate with their squad members and ensure a safe and successful operation. The largest amount of soldiers under a single squad leaders command is 15. Usually it is split at 8 per squad.


The fire team leaders job is similar to a squad leader. The FT leaders job is to follow the squad leaders direct orders while making sure the other FT members do the same.


Gear up and follow your superior’s orders.

If you have any questions about our ranking system feel free to ask any members in our Arma 3 unit. 

Additional ranks may be added in the future if it is needed to help keep certain things in order, otherwise this will be the ranking system.