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Custom Player Base Tower Glitch | Planetside 2

So me and Shady were playing Planetside 2 when we encountered a custom player made base and the player that was defending it managed to get himself involved in a glitch. Check it out in the video below.

Cliff Rocks Glitch | Planetside 2

Hey there everyone! In this video, I discovered a glitch in Planetside 2. Apparently, you can glitch into some cliff rocks on the Indar map. Enjoy the video!

Far Cry 5 Map Editor Time Lapse Episode 1

In this video, I start working on a brand new map that I created that is going to be using the Explorer mode in Far Cry 5. In this video, I take the time to paint the terrain to make it look more realistic and add some trees rocks and other items as well to help with...